District Commissioner Working for A Brighter Future


Housing and Jobs

Initiatives and Implementation

With the rising costs of housing, many workers are being priced out of our local markets. A growing economy needs both the job growth and housing that low- and moderate-income workers can afford. There is no easy solution but it does require city, county and state governments to work together with builders to find solutions.

Community Health

Addressing New Challenges

The past two years have been a challenge for all Health Departments dealing with Covid and its aftermath. Two growing concerns in community health are mental health care and the continuing rise in drug issues concerning meth and fentanyl. The new Minnesota law allocating 93 million for more mental health services is a step that should help this issue.


Transportation Infrastructure Necessities

Transportation networks are critical to our regions and cities growth. We must ensure that the roads are designed for the growth and operate safely. We should not wait for accident data to drive necessary improvements that are well known to communities. Autonomous and electric vehicles will challenge our systems so we must be prepared for new technology and how to ensure the public is protected. 

The Election is Important

Vote On Nov. 8

Your vote is very important.    If you are unsure where to vote, use the button below to go to the State of Minnesota’s precinct finder.